Research centre VRI & ReForm Therapeutics

"We design and develop next generation drug delivery formulations to improve patient care."

The joint laboratory of VRI and ReForm Therapeutics, Ltd. was estabilished in 2021 as a progression of an ongoing successful collaboration previous successfull collaboration in the area of the development of new candidate drug delivery systems for oromucosal administration. We replace traditional routes of drug administration by providing products with high added value for patients.

  • Design of innovative mucoadhesive formulations to improve drug bioavailability
  • Perform formulation feasibility studies
  • Conduct ex vivo testing
  • Carry out preclinical testing on various animal models including rabbits and pigs
  • Develop analytical methods for drug quantification
  • Drive candidate products into GMP production and clinical testing in colaboration progress with third parties

Equipment of the laboratory:

  • Equipment for preparation of mucoadhesive dosage forms
  • Modern microscopic techniques
  • Equipment for micronization
  • Equipment for advanced nano-/micro-particle characterization
  • Preclinical imaging techniques
  • Animal houses for performing pharmacokinetic studies including GLP
  • Analytical equipment for chemical analysis and drug quantification